All About Date Night: Outfit Inspo & Dates for Him and Her!

It’s almost the weekend!

Something that is often requested by y’all is more about my relationship with Jared, and this week he is making his debut on the blog! We’re each sharing our favourite date night ideas to help you reconnect with the person you love… or are falling in love with. 😉

Jared and I are both busy people. We are still in school full time, and we somehow find a way to balance our schedules full of classes, jobs, church commitments, volunteer opportunities, relationships with family and friends, hobbies, planning a wedding… Oh, and finding time to date each other!


Being engaged has been awesome — and it’s also meant that it’s been more important than ever for Jared and I to make time to grow in relationship and prepare for marriage. Although this season of life is crazy for us, our time together is always a breath of fresh air and a chance to re-focus.

We try to mix in new, exciting dates into our schedules as often as we can, and today we’re sharing our top four favourite dates so that you can grow with your S/O, too!


My Favourite Dates

1. Movie night-in with stovetop popcorn

While I do love to get dolled up for a fancy dinner every once in awhile, there’s nothing like throwing on a pair of sweatpants and cuddling up for the night! My favourite date night is one that involves comfy clothes, stovetop popcorn, a trip to Bulk Barn and a good Netflix movie/TV show.

Jared and I recently started buying popcorn kernels in bulk and making it over the stove, and it’s so much better than buying bags and throwing them into the microwave. This stuff tastes like it came straight from the movie theatre concession stand, except we paid $1 to make it — not $18 to buy it. Once it’s ready to go, we choose our toppings, whether we want seasoning from Bulk Barn or candy mix-ins instead (hello, Twix!)

There’s nothing like a cozy night in, and it’s the date I’ll pick over anything else.

Here are some of our Netflix go-to’s:

2. Evening dessert at a coffee shop

When I want some good face-time with Jared, my go-to is always a trip to a local coffee shop for sweet drinks and sweet treats. There’s nothing like sitting across from each other and catching up after a crazy week, and it’s even better when there’s something sugary to share!

One of my favourite things about a coffee shop date is that we can have distraction-free conversation, with no screens in sight. This is time for us to check in on how the other is doing in a more intentional way than simply asking “how was your day?”. Instead, we ask each other how life is going, how we’re doing in our individual relationships with Jesus, how we’re handling all of our commitments, and how we can make things — and each other — better!

Here’s where we love to go for local coffee + dessert:

Call it Spring Disney Collection

Jared’s favourite dates

1. Late night drives


Beth and I have pretty similar taste when it comes to date night and things we enjoy. Being a student and saving for a wedding really reduces the options, so I’m lucky that a “simple” date can be as enjoyable to us as something extravagant.

One of my favourite things to do is get in the car and drive around. Simple and easy. Don’t have a destination, try not to have a time frame. Just drive . We live on the edge of the city and the country so when things get crazy and we need to take a step back we just get in the car and drive through a bunch of fields. Its simple and it works. We talk a lot as we drive and often end up in cool neighbourhoods or creepily analyzing random country houses we come across.

Here are some cars I would like to drive around in:

NOTE: I’ve never driven a single one of these cars. I haven’t even seen them in real life, but tell me they aren’t a good choice…

2. Baking

Baking is a great date night for two reasons. First, it’s a lot of fun researching something to bake and following through with it. Beth and I have some seriously different opinions on what desserts are worth making. Usually we can find something we both like, and then it’s just a matter of getting ingredients and making it happen. Then, once you’ve put all the effort into baking, you’re left with a pretty decent reward for your efforts. Candy, popcorn or chips are decent snacks, but they’re not even close to anything you make yourself. Say what you will, but baking is one of the best date night activities.

Some things we’ve baked recently:

That’s all for now, friends! We would love to hear what YOUR favourite date nights are, so please share them in the comments. 🙂


You can shop my date night look below! P.S – this weekend only you save up to 90% off your purchase at Lulus using the code BESTFRIDAY. Happy shopping!

Pink Maxi Dress:
Slub Knit Maxi Dress – Forever 21
Blush Pink Backless Maxi Dress – Lulus

Black Leather Jacket:
Black Vegan Leather Moto Jacket – Lulus
Faux Leather Moto Jacket – Dynamite (30% off!)

While I can’t link to the exact pair of shoes I’m wearing here (they are from Call it Spring’s limited edition Disney collection) you can find similar pairs below!

Black Lace-up Heels:
Dorian Black Suede Lace Up Platforms Heels – Lulus
Marie Black Suede Lace Up Heels – Lulus

I am wearing my Luxy Hair 180g set in seamless dirty blonde.

Until next time,
-Beth xo

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