Let’s Talk Luxy: FAQ About My Hair Extensions

Hi lovelies!

Today, I’m FINALLY going to be answering all of the questions I’ve received from y’all about my hair. Since I started wearing Luxy Hair extensions a few months ago, so many of you have been curious about the product. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I first discovered Luxy Hair in 2016 while searching for extension alternatives for my wedding day. I’ve always imagined myself walking down the aisle with long, luscious blonde hair, and Luxy sounded like the perfect fit for all my needs. Now that I’ve had the chance to try two different sets, I’m SO glad I stumbled upon this brand!

Wearing Luxy Extensions


Without Luxy Extensions


My Hair Story

Before we get started, let’s start with one of the most obvious questions: “Why hair extensions?” 

I already have medium-length, medium-thick hair, so why would I want to use extensions as opposed to letting my natural hair grow out? Long story short, I have always dreamt of having long, luscious, mermaid locks and have been waiting to achieve them since ninth grade. That was almost eight years ago!

I truly did everything I could to keep my hair in good shape while letting it grow. I tried minimizing showers with shampoo, cutting out sulfates, taking hair gummies, regular trims, deep conditions… The works. Unfortunately, I lost most of my hair growth after one hair appointment gone wrong.  After harsh highlights in 2014, my hair started to break so significantly that I had to chop everything I had grown over the last four years to my shoulders, just to bring it back to life. I lost 8-10 inches of hair in one day, and was devastated to see it go!

While my hair has re-grown quite a bit since then, my natural hair still isn’t as long and luscious as I’ve always wanted it to be. While some girls can grow long, thick hair quickly, that hasn’t been my experience, and I started to get discouraged.

Then I discovered Luxy Hair.

What is Luxy Hair?

Luxy Hair sells remy human hair extensions that can be clipped in and styled, just like your own hair! Given that they are clip-ins, there is zero damage to your real hair when using these extensions. With clip-ins, you can simply clip the wefts in whenever you want additional length or volume. It’s easy to do, quick, and you would never know the difference.

Luxy has also recently added a “seamless” collection to their line of products. The wefts are extremely thin, flexible, and lay flat on your head. This means they’re invisible when properly clipped in, and feel virtually undetectable on your scalp, so you can move around comfortably!


Another one of my favourite things about my Luxies is that they look completely natural. Remy extensions are the highest grade real, human hair you can buy, so my extensions blend with my hair flawlessly and can be heat styled. It also means that the hair will remain soft, silky and tangle-free for as long as I use them!


So, now that you know what Luxy Hair extensions are (and why I love them so much), let’s get into YOUR questions.

Five Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do Luxy Hair extensions last?

The lifespan of your Luxies will depend entirely on how well you take care of them! Luxy recommends washing the extensions every 15-20 wears, and the less often you wash them, the more likely they are to stay in good condition. While you can heat style your hair, it’s also best to keep the temperature of your heat tools at or below 80C/176F. Although the hair is real, it doesn’t regenerate the same way the hair on your scalp does — excessive heat can cause your extensions to wear more quickly.

2. I’m nervous about picking the wrong shade for my hair. What’s the best way to choose the right colour?

Before sending me my first set, Luxy requested a photo of my hair in natural light to help find the right match. Their recommendation was spot on! When the product arrived, I was able to test the shade against my natural hair colour with the “test weft” in the bottom of the box. This is the easiest way to confirm that you’ve ordered the right colour for your hair before opening the package. If it matches, you’re good to go. If no, you can easily send the product back to Luxy for a return or exchange.


3. Do the blonde shades blend well with ashy hair?

This was one of my biggest concerns in picking a shade for my hair, too! I always ask my stylist to give me an ash blonde, and I was nervous that the golden tones in my Luxies wouldn’t blend. However, a good toning shampoo brought the extensions to a perfect match for my hair! Whenever I wash my Luxies, I always use a purple shampoo to combat any brassiness.

4. Can you see the wefts in your hair?

The answer to this question depends entirely on how the extensions are clipped in. I always clip mine in (about six wefts in total) at the back of my head below my ears, and the extensions are invisible. In my experience with Luxy’s seamless products, the extensions lay flat against my head and I can move freely without them being seen.

5. How long does it take you to clip all that hair in?

I typically clip six wefts of Luxy hair in when I’m styling my hair down. This includes two four clip wefts at the back of my head, two three clip wefts at the side, and two one clip wefts at the side, in line with my ears. While it took some practice (and some trial and error), I can now clip all of these wefts in in five minutes or less.


Although those are the top five questions I hear about my extensions, please don’t hesitate to ask me more. I have absolutely fallen in love with Luxy Hair over the last few months, and I hope this advice helps you achieve your #hairgoals, too!

Use my Luxy Hair discount code “BETH5” for $$ off of your purchase! To view Luxy’s products, click here. 

White Knit:
Mountain Peak Knit Sweater – Vici Dolls 

I am wearing my Luxy Hair 180g set in seamless blonde balayage.






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