Top 3 Stores for Cozy Knitwear

Christmas trees are up, snow is officially falling in Canada and the holidays are right around the corner… I can’t even believe how fast this season has snuck up on us this year, and I’m so excited to celebrate!


If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do after waking up in the winter is search for the coziest sweater you own. I feel like I’m almost always cold, and trying to stay warm is ten times more difficult in the winter!

While I’ve never met a cozy sweater I didn’t like, finding pieces that are good quality AND affordable can be quite the feat. It shouldn’t have to be, though. That’s why I’m sharing my favourite three stores for warm, trendy sweaters on a budget this winter!



VICI has very quickly become my favourite store in the last few months! I first discovered this American boutique when looking for an engagement dress for photos with J. I have absolutely fallen in love with the brand since then! VICI is constantly releasing the most stunning collections of sweaters, blouses, jeans, outwear, etc – everything you can think of. Their Instagram following is huge, and it’s no surprise. VICI’s followers are the first to find out about exclusive deals and new lines! I had a chance to test out a few of VICI’s sweaters last month, and they’ve become staples in my wardrobe since. Most VICI sweaters range between $40-$60 USD, and I have been blown away by the quality every time. I will have these sweaters forever!

Here are some of the VICI sweaters I’m loving right now:

2. Goodnight Macaroon

Goodnight Macaroon is such an awesome find if you’re someone who loves really unique pieces — or someone who loves flash sales. This store literally runs a flash sale every single week, and right now the entire store is 30% off! I love to find sweaters that complete a look on their own. There’s nothing better than throwing on some pants, a nice pair of boots and topping the look off with a cozy sweater than speaks for itself, and Goodnight Macaroon is the place to find those sweaters!

Here are my top sale picks (now with an additional 30% off!):

3. H&M

I used to shop at H&M all of the time. When I decided to expand my wardrobe beyond H&M and Forever 21 (classic “coming of age” transition), I took a bit of a hiatus from the brand. This fall, when I was on the hunt for cozy sweaters, I fell in love all over again! When it comes to finding super affordable, trendy sweaters, H&M will always deliver. Almost all of their sweaters are below $50, and they’re actually warm. I’ve definitely braved the cold for a cute sweater before, but it’s an added bonus when it looks nice and actually keeps you warm, too.

Here are some H&M sweaters on my radar:



I hope you’ve found a sweater here to keep you warm this winter — or perhaps stumbled upon a new brand to try out in the new year. Happy shopping, lovelies! xo

You can shop my outfit details here:

Sweater (Sold out in beige):
Loose-Knit Jumper – H&M

Lace Cami:
White Lace Trim Cami Top – Misguided

Distressed Jeans:
High-Waisted Jeggings – Zara

Larissi – Aldo
Steer – Aldo

I am wearing my Luxy Hair 180g set in seamless blonde balayage. Use the code “BETH5” at checkout for $$ off!

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