Forever 21 Pink Maxi Dress

All About Date Night: Outfit Inspo & Dates for Him and Her!

It's almost the weekend! Something that is often requested by y’all is more about my relationship with Jared, and this week he is making his debut on the blog! We’re each sharing our favourite date night ideas to help you reconnect with the person you love… or are falling in love with. 😉 Jared and … Continue reading All About Date Night: Outfit Inspo & Dates for Him and Her!

Floral bomber and black jumpsuit

Comfy Never Looked So Chic

Hello, beautiful! Do you have a piece of clothing that you can't resist putting on every time it's clean? For me, it's this ultra-comfy jumpsuit from Aritzia. I used to worry that I wouldn't be able to "pull a jumpsuit off", but the day I decided to purchase this black one piece was life-changing! Now, … Continue reading Comfy Never Looked So Chic

The BEST Self-Tanners – and Which One You Need to Buy!

Every fall, I get so excited for the cool weather to come back… until I realize my summer tan is long gone. While I love cozying up in warm sweaters and trading my shorts for jeans, I don’t love losing the glow I’ve developed over the past few months. I’m sure you’ve felt this way … Continue reading The BEST Self-Tanners – and Which One You Need to Buy!

Fall Wardrobe Must-Have: Embroidery

Fall is one of my favourite seasons to experiment with my wardrobe and try something a little different. It's so easy for me to resort to layered basics and black on black as soon as the temperature drops (can I get an amen?!), but this year, I'm finding ways to incorporate pops of colour where … Continue reading Fall Wardrobe Must-Have: Embroidery

You’ve Got God All Wrong

Everyone loves an ice-cold glass of soda. On a day that it feels like you could die of thirst, it’s unlikely that you’re going to reject a cool glass of your favourite drink, ice cubes and all. The first taste is sweet, refreshing, and it’s everything you needed it to be in that exact moment. … Continue reading You’ve Got God All Wrong

Back to Bed

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Today is one of those days that I could easily stay in PJ's, eat breakfast in bed and then curl up on the couch for a Netflix marathon. So often, I over-schedule, over-work and over-burden myself during the week with things to do and people to see. By the time the weekend … Continue reading Back to Bed

Don’t Say Goodbye To Your Denim Skirt Just Yet!

Everything old becomes new again, and denim skirts are no exception to the rule. I remember LOVING a good denim skirt in the early 2000's (never forget Brittany and Justin at the 2001 AMA'S) and I couldn't wait to reincorporate one into my wardrobe this year. Once September hits, most people put away their leg-bearing … Continue reading Don’t Say Goodbye To Your Denim Skirt Just Yet!

To The Social Media “Scrollers”

If you’re like me, you often find yourself lost in the depths of social media profiles while you procrastinate on your to-do list, putting “likes” before laundry. What started as a harmless click-of-an-app has led you to the feed of your friend, your friend’s cousin, your friend’s cousin’s sister, your friend’s cousin’s sister’s dog, and … Continue reading To The Social Media “Scrollers”