6 Things To Do in Ontario This Fall

Hello, friend! I may be biased, but I think there are few better places to celebrate the fall than in Ontario, Canada. There's really nothing like watching lush forests change colour, the excitement at farms as people flood to pick up their pumpkins and the few weeks we get of perfect "Canadian" weather... Wondering how … Continue reading 6 Things To Do in Ontario This Fall

Jared & Beth – Engagement Photo Preview

Happy 2018, friends! To celebrate the start of a brand new year (the year Jared and I are getting married!), I'm sharing a preview of our engagement photos! Jared and I were absolutely blown away by the final results of our engagement photos, taken by my sister Emily Rutledge and edited by her sister-in-law, Beth … Continue reading Jared & Beth – Engagement Photo Preview

Forever 21 Pink Maxi Dress

All About Date Night: Outfit Inspo & Dates for Him and Her!

It's almost the weekend! Something that is often requested by y’all is more about my relationship with Jared, and this week he is making his debut on the blog! We’re each sharing our favourite date night ideas to help you reconnect with the person you love… or are falling in love with. 😉 Jared and … Continue reading All About Date Night: Outfit Inspo & Dates for Him and Her!

You’ve Got God All Wrong

Everyone loves an ice-cold glass of soda. On a day that it feels like you could die of thirst, it’s unlikely that you’re going to reject a cool glass of your favourite drink, ice cubes and all. The first taste is sweet, refreshing, and it’s everything you needed it to be in that exact moment. … Continue reading You’ve Got God All Wrong

Back to Bed

Happy Saturday, lovelies! Today is one of those days that I could easily stay in PJ's, eat breakfast in bed and then curl up on the couch for a Netflix marathon. So often, I over-schedule, over-work and over-burden myself during the week with things to do and people to see. By the time the weekend … Continue reading Back to Bed